Klamath Outdoor Science School

To volunteer for any position, please call 541-850-8218, or email kossreservations@gmail.com.     THANK YOU!

Construction Volunteers Needed!

We will resume construction of our new camp facilities on the volunteer workday, August 6, 2016.  Volunteers who are fairly proficient with carpenter tools and simple construction work are needed to work under the supervision of licensed contractor, Jesse Schade, owner of JWS Construction.  

Camp Counselors

Adults and teens (16 years and up) are needed as camp counselors for summer camps in 2017. Counselors will be be assigned a small group of students to mentor and supervise during camp, and will sleep in a yurt with his or her group, and help with camp duties.  No experience required, but if you went to outdoor school once yourself, this is a fun way to relive that experience!  Free meals and lots of fun!  

Office Assistant

A good organizer is needed to help with office duties a few hours per week on a flexible schedule.  Duties would include answering the phone and forwarding messages, education kit checkout and inventory, compiling records, etc. 

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