Inspiring a deep appreciation for natural resources, community, and the arts through hands-on outdoor education

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Our Mission:

"To inspire a deep appreciation for natural resources, community, and the arts through hands-on outdoor education."

The Klamath Outdoor Science School (KOSS) is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization created in 2004 from a grassroots effort by local teachers, parents, agency personnel, and other citizens in Southern Oregon.  We are dedicated to providing students with an exciting and unique experience in a natural setting that inspires learning through exploration and instills an appreciation for the unique resources of the region.

We believe every student should have the opportunity to attend residential outdoor school at least once in his or her school career. Past experience indicates that those who attend outdoor school achieve a level of emotional investment, personal growth, relationship building, and an intensity of learning that was very difficult to achieve in a regular school environment or on single day field trips.

The Klamath Outdoor Science School is located in Sun Pass State Forest, the only Oregon state forest east of the Cascades. This State Forest is part of the Upper Klamath Basin, a large watershed area that drains into Upper Klamath Lake. Its natural beauty and diversity are awe-inspiring. The Basin is home to over 430 wildlife species, including the largest wintering bald eagle population in the continental U.S. Klamath Lake, the largest body of freshwater west of the Rockies, is surrounded by forests, farms, and wetlands. It also forms the headwaters of the Klamath River. North of the Basin is Oregon's only National Park, Crater Lake. This makes a unique watershed and a great place for students to study forestry, wetlands, local plant, and animal wildlife, river and stream morphology, soils, fisheries, geology, and more.

Welcome to Klamath Outdoor Science School! Your child is about to embark on a memorable experience of hands-on learning and fun, while gaining knowledge and awareness of his or her surroundings. It is a unique opportunity to meet and make new friends as well as enrich their education and appreciation of our outside world. Outdoor education provides a chance to create fond memories of joy and discovery. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

KOSS Staff

The director and our naturalists are well trained and skilled at providing a successful learning experience. 

Safety is our first priority here at KOSS. Our staff is equipped to deal with first aid emergencies. Staff members are required to have current first-aid and CPR training.

Cell phone service at camp is spotty.  We have found that communications from parents actually tend to cause, not relieve, homesickness, so calls are discouraged.  In case of emergency, please call (541) 660-4222 to reach our director.

Health Information:
To ensure the best experience for your child please fill out your child’s health questionnaire as thoroughly as possible and return it to us at least one week before camp so we have time to prepare for your child's health needs.

Behavior Expectations:
KOSS participants are expected to behave responsibly and observe the same rules as they do at school. While this is a camp experience, students are still responsible for achieving academic goals through lessons and activities. For this reason, students, parents, teachers, and mentors are required to know and adhere to the Behavior Expectations and Rules/Policies in the Teacher Packet.

Tasty, healthy, kid-friendly food is prepared by our certified KOSS cooking staff. Students eat in a family style setting. We accommodate special diets and food allergies when notified in advance. Students are given snacks daily so they do not need to bring candy or gum. Don’t forget to bring your lunch for the first day.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!

Klamath Outdoor Science School

PO Box 721

Klamath Falls | OR 97601

Office:  541/ 850-8218

"The mountains are calling, and I must go."  - John Muir

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