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These kits are designed to assist educators in conveying broad concepts in the study of the natural world and aim to simultaneously provide local specifics that help students develop their relationship with the Klamath Basin. The following educational kits are available for two week loan, free of charge, in partnership with Klamath Outdoor Science School, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Klamath Falls Fish and Wildlife Office, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Klamath County Title III Funds, U.S. Forest Service, Klamath Basin Audabon Society, Klamath Basin Birding Trail, Klamath Bird Observatory, , City of Klamath Falls, OSU Extension Service, Lava Beds National Monument and Wing Watchers.

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List of Available Kits



Beginning Birds


Bird Egg Hatching

Klamath Basin Birding Trail (4)

Owl Pellet Dissection




Macroinvertebrate Sampling



Angling Clinic 

Bass Last Game 

Fish Dissection 

Fish Ecology

Fish Printing

Hooks & Ladders Game (Salmon Migration) 



Wildlife Kit



Every Tree for Itself

Forest Cocktail Party

Forest Ecology

Forest Monitoring 

Forest Products

The Working Forest

Tree Cookies


Earth & Environment






Incredible Journey (water cycle)



Work Gloves

Dissection Kits

Insect Nets (11)

Microscopes (4)

Rubber Boots & Waders

Triple Beam Balance

Water Quality Testing



Thanks to OSU Klamath Basin Research & Extension Center who has provided much of the information on these kits.  Detailed descriptions of all kits will soon be available as we progress, thank you for your patience.  All kits listed are available, even if they do not have links with a detailed description of contents. 

Contact kossreservations@gmail.com if you have any questions.