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Summer Community Camps

Artists and Scientists

age 8-13

July 14th-17 & 21st-24th

Find Your Niche in Nature

age 13-17

July 8th-11th

Spring 2014 Programs Are Filling up

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 Please Donate to help us reach our goals for our construction of a dining hall, kitchen and bathrooms out at SunPass State Forest!!

We need your help to complete our  amazing facilities. An improved site will lead to an improved environment for your kids to learn! (and comfort for chaperones and teachers as well.)



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Klamath Outdoor Science School (KOSS) connects kids to the outdoors.  There are a variety of programs offered throughout the year, from summer programs to day field trips & Residential Outdoor School
With programs thoughout Southern Oregon,  KOSS is your leader in outdoor education.

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The KOSS Mission:

"To inspire a deep appreciation for natural resources, community, and the arts through hands-on outdoor education."



Sun Pass State Forest

The KOSS camp is physically located within the Sun Pass State Forest through a Special Use Permit from the  Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF)  .   The active management surrounding KOSS provides a unique opportunity for students and their families to learn about these sustainable forestry objectives and study their outcomes.   




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